Our Top Designers Share Their Advice for Emerging Animators

Whether you’ve just finished your degree and looking for full-time employment, or are completing a course and looking for internship experience, it’s often hard to know what employers are looking for.

At Prendi, we focus our Creative Department’s hiring process on finding the right culture fit before anything else. Secondary to this, is your skill set.
In short, we generally look for someone who:

  • Is honest, easy-going & personable
  • Is motivated & eager to learn
  • Is passionate & dedicated
  • Is a proactive & intuitive learner
  • Thinks outside of the box
  • Has a solid base of knowledge around Motion Graphics / 3D / Design and the relevant software

So, apart from simply being a cool person, here are our top tips to get yourself ahead of the rest:

1. The 12 Principles of Animation

“To the Motion Graphics students out there, our advice to you when starting out would be to get a good grasp on The 12 Principles of Animation. And then get in contact with us, we’re always looking for interns!”
– Will, Senior Designer

2. Storyboarding

“When animating, always start with storyboarding to ensure you and your client are both happy. This allows the client to visually see your designs, how the animation will flow and is an opportune time to make any changes that may emerge. We recommend practicing storyboarding your animations and include these in your portfolio.”
– Sean, Senior Motion Designer

3. Easing

“Always use easing when animating, so things don’t robotically move at a constant pace and stop suddenley. You can also overshoot the mark, or bounce things in, if it suits the object. We recommend practising the basic animation fundamentals, such as easing, and make note of these skills in your portfolio.”
– Nat, Creative Director

To apply for a job or internship at Prendi, send your cover letter & portfolio to applications@prendi.com.au