The 3 Best Applications for Animated Content

Content is King. At Prendi, we are one of the few who live this mantra. We’re experts in animation, motion graphics, 3D design and interactive development; passionate about bringing your digital signage, social media or other marketing channels to life with good content.

Because great content is what brings to life your Digital Signage & other marketing platforms; capturing attention, enhancing engagement & driving sales.

So, here are our favourite three applications that benefit from great Animated Content.

1. Digital Signage

The world is changing rapidly and the quality of content that people expect is continuously on the rise. Animation in Digital Signage is the new norm. Without it, the chances of someone actually stopping and paying attention to your message is pretty slim.

The key is to make your message memorable. Storytelling plays a big role in this. Your story needs to connect to your target audience on an emotional level, otherwise it’ll simply be forgotten.

As most Digital Signage you encounter doesn’t have audio, it’s important to let your visuals do the talking. The alternative is packing a screen full of text, which, let’s face it, has very little visual appeal.

From standard digital signage being single screen installations, to videowalls or even projection mapping shows – animated content is a vital aspect to the success of your Digital Signage.

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2. Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards have quickly become the norm in the QSR & Restaurant industry, thanks to some large-scale roll-outs by leading brands such as McDonald’s and Subway.

There are many reasons for this growth, including the huge cost savings, the ability to update your content immediately & remotely, the ability to easily schedule content, plus capturing the attention of passers by with good animated content.

It saddens us to see Digital Menu Boards with all static content. Not utilising the full benefits of your digital screens means you’re not getting the return on investment; a lost opportunity. Static can be a good start, however we recommend integrating a mix of static and animated content to get the best impact.

From there, regularly updating your content is key to the success of your Digital Menu Boards. We create the content for Subway Australia, who make updates every month in conjunction with their in-store campaigns & POS.

Your Animated Content should utilise good design, highlighted call-outs and engaging transitions. This will keep your menus visually appealing and not overcrowded or repetitive.

Want to learn more? Check out How to Get The Most Out of Your Digital Menu Boards.

3. Marketing / Social Media

There has been an inevitable shift towards video content on social media, and for good reason.

With such a large number of videos all trying to get viewers’ attention, it’s getting hard for companies to cut through the noise. Another talking head or a boring explainer video just won’t do the trick. You need engagement, and Animated Content will help you get it.

We aren’t talking about static photos in an “animated” slideshow, flying in from the right, fading in from the left. No. People are smart, and can see the difference. Animation, good Animation, is less intrusive, more engaging and more unique; making people want to view and click through to your products.

We create Marketing and Social Media animated videos for a number of brands, covering; Promotional Videos, Thank you Messages, Cover Banners, Website Banners, Video Advertisements, Instagram/Facebook Stories… the list goes on.

We’re truly passionate about bringing your digital signage, social media or other marketing channels to life with good Animated Content.

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