Our Top Tips for Creating the Right Digital Experience

No matter your industry, there’s the right Experience to suit you, your brand and your audience.
Sometimes that means creating a fully immersive space where emotions are engaged and consumers are entertained, educated, informed and inspired. Other times it means making the food ordering process quicker and easier with digital menu boards; or driving sales with an engaging marketing video.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Define your Purpose

What kind of Experience do you want to create for your audience? Is the purpose for your digital signage solution to inform, engage, entertain, or simply to add ambience?

Knowing your purpose, the end-result you’re striving for, is key in defining what the right digital Experience is for you. This might be as simple as:

“We want a ‘wow’ interactive solution. We want it to entertain the kids as priority, yet it also be interesting enough for adults.” or, “We want to motivate sales with online videos then carry this creative through to on-site, at the event itself.”

Define your purpose first, and from there all the puzzle pieces can be put together.

2. Create a Point of Difference

Create a point of difference, a unique Experience that your audience can’t find elsewhere. Choices Flooring did just that with their one-of-a-kind digital installation, setting themselves apart from every other flooring retailer worldwide. Their “Inspiration Station” drives in-store engagement by offering a unique selling tool for their store owners and a unique Experience for their customers.

3. Empathise with your Audience

Empathy plays a big part in the design and implementation of digital signage solutions. Look to empathise with your audience in order to understand and create an Experience that resonates with them.

In the below interview, Tom Goodwin suggests customer Experience and empathy is king;

“How can we seduce people into these screens? How can we give information that’s relevant to them? How can we create an experience that overall works for everybody, but most of all the consumer?”

4. Think About the Full Solution

Creating immersive Experiences is not limited to technology. Take Choices Flooring for example, who in 2013 initiated a “Store Evolution” across their 145 stores Australia-wide. Though technology was a key aspect of the Store Evolution (the Inspiration Station), it was not the only focus. The Store Evolution re-evaluated all aspects of the consumer in-store experience, from the layout, displays and POS through to the store fragrance, lighting and music, to staff uniform and product education.

Similarly, All Saints Anglican School had a thorough strategy behind the creation of The Wonder Room. From physical objects, to the type of feature bricks, to the digital interactive wall, to interactive whiteboards – every element in that room is there for a purpose. Every element tells a new story. Every elements adds to the student’s exploration and overall Experience. All of these elements are unique and interactive in some way, and that is key to earning and retaining student attention.

This ideology can be taken and applied to any brand in any industry. Some key questions to consider, might be: How do you want your audience to feel? What do you want them to see? To smell? To hear? What do you want them to Experience?

To learn how we can create impressive digital Experiences for your brand, get in touch at contact@prendi.com.au