From the newsletter ~ Content Curated with Prendi

Our freshly appointed Senior Motion Designer, Sean, gives some insight into his appreciation of good Content.

What does good Content mean to you?
Good content firstly has to captivate, instantly drawing in the viewer, it has to be targeted in the sense that it is written and styled in a way that speaks to the correct audience, and finally it has to be functional, meaning that it serves a particular purpose or encourages the viewer to take a particular action.

What is your favourite style of content to design/animate? 
As a designer I love content that features beautiful photography or motion graphics and a clear hierarchy of information so that the viewer can take it all in easily and quickly. Especially when there is a short punchy message or value proposition, with a nice geometric typeface!

Seen any cool content examples you can share with us?
This recent ad for Pepsi directed by ManvsMachine is incredible. The beautiful 3D and 2D motion design and dynamic music and editing draw you in straight away.

I also really like the Mailchimp website as an example of information hierarchy. The sparing use of animation is also very effective at capturing your attention.

What are you most looking forward to at Prendi?
I’m excited to be a part of bringing design, motion graphics and interactivity together into physical spaces. Digital and interactive signage feel more tangible than other types of digital media like web, and this is an exciting change.

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