Interactive & Experiential Content Development by Prendi

The weird and wonderful is what drives us. We’re specialists in creating custom memorable experiences that truly bring brands to life; cue our interactive and experiential content. It’s our true love.

Here’s a look into some of our favourites.

Harbord Diggers: Interactive Wall

Harbord Diggers unveiled their 2-year, $200million, redevelopment and, with that, a state of the art Interactive Wall by Prendi.

Harbord Diggers approached us with plans for a largescale Planar videowall in their foyer. We instantly knew the content application needed to be immersive, in-keeping with their environment and engaging enough for their inter-generational community.

In short, the Interactive Wall development includes the following:

  • Dynamic Environment
  • 3D Animal Design
  • Instagram Feed which allows users to drag, rotate and enlarge the posts
  • Interactive Elements; such as feeding the animals and changing the time of day/night
  • History Feed featuring images, videos and stories
  • Artificial Intelligence; meaning bubbles appear at your fingertips and the animals interact with your touch, following your finger or hiding depending on their natural habits
  • Sand Drawing
  • Phase 2 also introduced more vibrant colours, more artificial intelligence and new 3D elements.

Choices Flooring: Inspiration Station

For over 6 years, we’ve been working with Choices Flooring as their premier Digital Signage & Design Agency. Together we’ve built the world-first interactive room designer dubbed the “Inspiration Station”, whereby customers can view flooring in their own home, and fully design rooms via an interactive touchscreen application.

We also provide Choices Flooring with digital welcome signs, digital signage for exhibition stands, projection mapping for events, video content creation and digital catalogues.

In short:

  • World-first interactive room designer
  • Two touchscreens installed in a custom-built mood wall positioned within the Choices Flooring retail stores
  • Create your perfect room by changing flooring types, wall and decor colours
  • Over 1,200 flooring options to choose from
  • View flooring in your own home with the addition of ‘Your Floor’

All Saints Anglican School: Wonder Room

All Saints Anglican School are seeing a glimpse of the future here; with their state-of-the-art Wonder Room.

The application features multiple animated background themes: Under the Sea, Out in Space and The Jungle. The goal was to encourage students to search and find information for themselves, without direct guidance or labels. The content features nine categories and hundreds of learning items hidden within numerous layers of interactivity, which are easily updated daily by staff.

That said, the focal core of the Wonder Room is undoubtedly the 1×5 MultiTaction Video Wall—a forward-thinking touchscreen with built-in infrared cameras allowing for seamless touch capability across screens, unlimited points of touch and recognition of QR code markers.

Sheldon College: ArtScapes

Sheldon College has been recognised as one of the nation’s most progressive and forward-thinking schools, leading the way in efforts to best prepare students for tomorrows world. And in 2018, they have unveiled yet another world-class and innovative learning space; ArtScapes.

ArtScapes was developed in partnership with our team at Prendi. It’s an interactive 3D application built specifically for an array of six cutting-edge MultiTaction screens. With MultiTaction’s innovative technology, we created a collaborative experience for both students, teachers and visitors alike.

The ArtScapes application is essentially a platform for cross-disciplinary teaching, collaborative learning, and a presentation tool, all in one. The main menu is a 3D space theme, with each section being its own galaxy. The sections featured, are: Discovery Topics, ArtScapes Museum, Projects, Interact and College Tour.

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