How Does Prendi’s Full-Service Offering Benefit You?

We’ve combined our typical newsletter features to voice thoughts from our clients, partners and team members on one simple question; 

Stephanie Bleakley – Marketing Manager, Diversified Communications (Integrate) 

For Steph, partnering with Prendi means an amazing, unified digital roll-out for each of their events. “Prendi is our Premier Content Partner for Integrate Expo, and the Diversified Communications family, and we’ve been collaborating for the past three years. Although we focus on their content & design services, Prendi’s full-service approach is invaluable in that we can leverage their extensive experience in digital signage as well. This means our digital roll-outs seamlessly transform not only our online platforms, but our on-site signage as well, breathing more life into our events. We work with the Prendi team on concepts and designs, through to content creation for all the different platforms (online to onsite), plus any interactive development that we may need. What a pleasure it is to work with such a great Content Partner.”

Simon Brook – Architect / Director, Burling Brown

Simon says partnering with Prendi means he can provide a more innovative solution to his clients. “With the combination of both companies services, our architectural expertise matched with Prendi’s digital signage & design skills, we’re able to offer our clients a more well-rounded and inventive solution. We’re loving collaborating with Prendi and have a big project in the works right now actually, so keep an eye out.”

Jason Wainwright – Director of Learning Culture (Pre Prep – Year 12), All Saints Anglican School

Jason Wainwright, from All Saints Anglican School, says the input they receive from Prendi is transformative. “Teaming up with Prendi enables us to avoid the stress that arises when the digital industry offers a confusing array of design, programming, hardware and installation options. The industry is full of so many competing voices each coming at it from their own perspective advocating their signature design approach, their own hardware preference, and their own installation method. Time and time again we have found our needs and our interests were at the the heart of Prendi’s advice to us. Prendi want what is best for us and they leverage their knowledge of every stage and all the options to guarantee us the solutions that fit our needs. Prendi helps us realise the potential of the digital realm, making teacher dreams a reality.”

Joel Olsson – Tech Lead, Prendi

“Providing a full-service approach allows us to ensure that the end product works smoothly and intuitively. Being able to test that the end product feels great to use at the hardware / software / design level is a huge advantage and prevents the end user wasting time facilitating communication between multiple different vendors. Having complete control over the solution allows me to make innovative/exciting improvements to the product that might not be possible in a regular project.”

Ryan Hughes – Sales Manager, Office Choice

Phil Hughes’ Office Choice have been supplying office machines, stationery & office supplies to Launceston and surrounding areas, for over the past 22 years. Ryan says they are excited to now be able to provide their clients with a digital element to their office solutions. “We have for a long time wanted to become the one stop shop for all your business needs and work with/learn from the best people in the industry to make this a reality.  Partnering with Prendi means we’re taking new steps, we’re expanding our offering, and we’re further assisting our clients with their businesses, and the experiences they want to create. It is a natural progression in our solution and a simple “bolt-on” to their businesses. The fact that we are able to offer a full-service solution (hardware, installation, content and management) means our customers feel comfortable that everything has been thought about, not just one piece.”

Kelley Noonan – Owner & Creative Director, Focus Productions

Kelley says partnering with Prendi allows them to provide a more lively, full-service solution for their clients.  “We are storytellers – constantly seeking out new ways to combine creativity and innovation to immerse our visitors in memorable, educational and surprising built environments. Partnering with Prendi is giving us the opportunity to breathe more life into the content and brand experiences we are creating for our clients and their customers.”

Sean Robinson – Senior Motion Graphics Designer, Prendi

“For me, a full-service approach means working alongside people with hugely different skill sets which is something I really enjoy. It’s exciting to be able to see a piece of work as it develops through each stage of production and this inspires respect for each field that contributes. It also means more familiarity and diversity amongst the team in how people think and solve problems which can mean a freer exchange of ideas and a more cohesive final product.”

Elle Colaiaco – Junior Motion Graphics Designer, Prendi

“For me, Prendi’s full-service approach means that the team and I not only get to work closely with our clients to provide them with the content they require, but that we ensure to go above and beyond to create exciting and unique content that stands out from the rest.”

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