Digital Signage Solutions in the Events Space: Our Top 5 Picks

From showfloor digital signage, videos & animations to help drive attendance and stand solutions, to interactive digital experiences and projection mapping extravaganzas; there are so many different digital signage solutions that you can integrate into your event.

Here we take a look at our top five picks, including small to large scale solutions adaptable to all kinds of events.

1. Digital Signage

The most common solution seen at events, is also the most practical; digital signage used to showcase welcome messages, directions and timetables. The larger venues such as ICC Sydney have been designed to include screens that you can take over for your event. If your venue doesn’t have these already, it’s as simple as hiring them in. (We can help with that!)

However, the most important part of your digital signage is always your content. Good content will engage, motivate, inform and entertain your audience, where needed. It will capture attention and heighten engagement with your brand. Plus, you can utilise your digital signage content & designs before, during and post event. This starts to create consistency and heightens your brand image, telling a story pre-event and then carrying this through to your welcome messages, directions, timetables and other digital signage.

Get in touch with us if you need some good content for your next event.

2. Touchscreen Applications

Check-in Kiosk

Touchscreen applications are incredibly useful in the events space. See here one we developed for the SuperCheap Auto Manager’s Conference. Attendees signed in via the kiosk and could access their travel details, event locations, trade expo information and dinner seating. Plus, all information could be sent directly from kiosk to mobile.

Product Catalogues

Do you have more products that you can fit on your expo stand? Or, not enough staff to attend to every potential client? By having a touchscreen application on your stand, you can showcase your products, brand messages and even capture the details of visitors, without having to worry about missed opportunities. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch.

Social Walls (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

User-generated content has been proven to drive engagement and brand interaction at events, no matter the size. This can be achieved with our Social Walls. You pick a hashtag relevant to your event, and then ask your attendees and exhibitors to share photos and videos using this hashtag. After a quick approval process in the back-end, your Social Wall will be filled with engaging user-generated posts.

3. LED

Looking for big impact at your next event? LED is your answer. With the right pixel pitch and content, LED is guaranteed to be big, bold and impressive.

4. Projection Mapping

The holy grail of event show-stoppers: Projection Mapping. If done right, any surface can be completely transformed into an entirely different object, creating 3D and 4D illusions, and truly wow-ing your audience..

5. Animated Videos

Bringing your event to life starts pre-event, with online videos, advertisements, e-newsletters and the likes. This creative should then flow through to your showfloor digital signage to keep consistency and further solidify your brand message.

We create videos for every stage of your event, including; promotions, exhibitor registration, on-site signage, thank you messages and so much more.

If you have static graphic designs, such as posters or e-newsletters, we can take these elements and animate them to life into videos for promotions, on-site signage and post-event showreels & thank-you messages.

We love it when we see brands starting their audience’s journey pre-event with engaging videos and teasers, which then carry through to the event itself and even follow on post-event.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these solutions, and what we can create for you, get in touch at