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Joel, our Lead Interactive Developer, has some insight to share on his favourite interactive project of late.

What does interactivity mean to you?
Interactivity to me, is the ability to engage and communicate with others with a purpose.

Favourite interactive project?
What I’m currently working on; Choices Flooring Inspiration Station.

Explain a little bit about it.
The Choices Flooring Inspiration Station has different types of interactivity depending on what functionality you’re using.

The functionality pushes what is typically achieved with web technology. For example, the ‘Your Floor’ section allows you to cut out the floor from a photo of your own home, and replace it with a product from Choices Flooring. Behind the scenes, this actually generates a full 3D environment that can be zoomed / rotated / panned, all with lighting and shadows. This development makes it work as seamlessly and intuitively as possible
from the users perspective.
Another example is the ‘Window Furnishings’ section. This required some clever ways of handling animations so that window furnishing material could easily be changed without creating a whole new set of animation files.

Enjoying it?
Absolutely. Learning new things and problem solving are all reasons why I love my job.

To learn more on interactive applications, get in touch at

Or to see the Inspiration Station live in action, find one at your local Choices Flooring store here.

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