The Digital Revolution in Education

In today’s society we are surrounded by technology; constantly evolving, changing the way we communicate, experience and learn.

With this, we have become accustomed to using technology in our everyday lives – in fact, we expect it, we desire it; especially Gen Z. One study found that, in today’s age, the average age at which a child acquires an online presence is 6 months, and 81% of children have a digital footprint by the time they’re 2 years old. It’s vital for educational facilities to understand this, and learn how to connect with their Gen-Z students via the power of technology.

Education facilities are delving into technology in the classroom, but there is so much further they can take it to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers alike.
The most common technologies currently used within the education system are laptops and tablets. These tools allow for more efficient learning within the classroom. If students are able to do more at a faster pace, then teachers can get through more of the lesson in one class. Plus, this allows students to connect with their teachers and class work in the same form a they would do their homework at home; typing, online research, emails, etc. Schools and universities are using these basic devices to help students learn, which is a great start, however technology can create truly immersive experiences that completely engage students both emotionally and physically.

That’s the key, connecting with students in a way that actually engages them; connecting with students their way. This means creating an engaging, immersive learning experience that makes students want to be there and, better yet, want to learn more. And although technology isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered (i.e. lighting, furniture, layout, other learning tools, etc.) it is a key part of doing so and one which students will relate to. Typically Gen Z have an emotional connection to technology because they find much value in it; entertainment, friendship, love, support, news. So, relating to technology in the classroom will come naturally to them.

So, how to do it? What’s the next step in creating that desired immersive learning environment? I think the best way to understand how an immersive learning experience can be created, is to see it for yourself. So let’s take a look at these recent case studies from Prendi:



As you can see, The Wonder Room engages students before they have even entered with their sliding entry from the upstairs library. Not only does the slide build excitement for the experience, but it simulates entering a new dimension or a new world. Once the student has entered this new and exciting world, they are faced with large ambient projection, glowing whiteboards, touchscreens and five interactive Multitaction screens. The Wonder Room is also filled with fun and colourful furniture along with many other learning materials, all designed to motivate students’ minds in unique and engaging ways.

All Saints Anglican School are truly connecting with students in ways that the students can naturally relate to. They have considered all aspects, from the entrance and layout through to the technology and how the learning materials are presented. The Multitaction content was a vital element to The Wonder Room, as it has been designed so students have to intuitively search and find the answers for themselves through the touch interactivity.

Advanced technologies, such as those deployed in The Wonder Room, are not limited to classrooms. In fact, they can benefit a range of educational facilities including Museums and Art Galleries to reach not only Gen Z’s, but people of all ages. Museums and Art Galleries are already somewhat an immersive experience as they submerse people in history and knowledge, however technology can help enhance these experiences. But that’s a story for another day. With The Wonder Room being a glimpse into the future, I’m sure you can understand that the possibilities to enhance other educational facilities are also endless.

It’s time for Schools and Universities to look at providing the next level of education, a truly immersive learning experience.

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