Digital Menu Boards – A Proven Solution

Digital menu boards aren’t anything new. They’ve been around for years, and consistently produce positive results for restaurants and other types of venues serving food and beverages. Below are a few of the top benefits of digital menu boards.

Centralised control of content.

Update all of your menu boards remotely from your home or office. Using either specific system software, or on an online application, you can quickly and easily make changes with the push of a button. These can also be automated to change at particular times of the day, in certain weather, and even for special holidays and events far into the future.

Lower costs and lead-times for menu changes.

Once you’ve made your changes, it’s only a matter of minutes until the system downloads the new information and updates your menu boards.

Increased sales of promotional and high-margin items.

Humans are visually driven creatures. When we see delicious food, we get hungry. By displaying high quality images of menu items, you increase the chances of unplanned and impulse buys. Digital menu boards allow you to maximise the use of these images in a single space, as well as display other specials and relevant information.

Proven ROI and overall increased sales.

With a reported average sales increase of 3%-5%, it’s clear that digital menu boards engage consumers more than static printed menus. It all depends on the size of your solution. The majority of businesses that install a digital menu board system can recoup their initial investment in 3 to 12 months. Trends suggest smaller solutions under $15k can see a return in around 12 months, while bigger ones over $100k can expect a return in around 24 months.

Statistics sourced from Digital Menu Boards and ROI report by

So the statistics show it works – but you can’t just slap a static digital version of your menu onto some screens. Below are some simple guidelines on how to maximise the effectiveness of your digital menu boards.

Content is King.

Make sure you get professional, high quality images of your menu items. Along with a well-designed menu layout with some animated content, customers can easily read and find the item they’re after.

Break it up.

Don’t cram everything on to one screen. For smaller solutions (only one or two screens) you should try and keep these for promotions and specials only. These will complement your traditional static menus, and drive impulse buys by showing off appetising images of your food and beverages.

For larger setups (4+ screens) you can fit most of your menu on 2-3 screens which will remain relatively still (perhaps some background videos or animated menu items), so that customers don’t have to worry about the list disappearing. The rest will be playing animated specials and promotions – or simply highlighting the delicious images of your menu items.

Prendi works closely with our clients to tailor the perfect solution to their needs. If you’d like to know more about how a digital menu board system can benefit your business, then start a conversation with Prendi today.

Digital Menu Board Case Studies by Prendi.

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