TattsBet is out, hi-tech UBET is in

A state-of-the-art sports entertainment experience now awaits you, as UBET unveils the new world of betting….


UBET’s aim for the transformation was to integrate enough digital technology to appeal to younger, digital-savvy consumers, yet keeping it seamless and easy-to-use as to keep the traditional punters on-side. This vision was brought together by our digital solutions partner, Entwined.

With a fully immersive stadium-style environment, giant Video Walls, Information Touchscreens, Self Service Terminals, digital Sports & Racing Walls plus zoned audio, it’s no surprise that punters are impressed. In fact, since the launch in June 2015, betting and foot-traffic have increased at their newly transformed locations: Moonah, New Farm and the iconic Brisbane hotel, The Norman Hotel.

These locations are just the start of a nationwide overhaul across another 200 stand-alone UBET outlets and a similar overhaul of 1,200 pubs who house UBET agencies.

Entwined worked with UBET from concept through to deployment, including handling all concept creation, technology, content and ongoing support services, to bring the vision to life.

An incredible transformation, state-of-the-art digital solution, punters on-side, plus a promising future ahead? You bet.

As featured in: Digital Signage Today

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