What is Projection Mapping?


Projection Mapping is the art of using projectors to map light onto any surface, turning common 3D objects into interactive displays. We then use motion graphics and creative coding to display highly engaging or immersive content, essentially replacing the surface of the object.

Whether the objects are complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects, theatrical stages, or even multiple overlapping canvasses, Projection Mapping changes the objects appearance in real-time.

It can add extra dimensions, optical illusions and notions of movement onto previously static objects.

Using specialised software and custom content, we can projection map onto any 3D object – the possibilities are endless.

Achieving a seamless presentation, however, is no simple task. Many factors must be taken in to account before the process can begin:

What is the size and shape of the projection area, projector placement, is it indoors or outdoors, the brightness, the viewing angle of the audience, the length of the animated content, the type of animated content – each of these can influence the size and outcome of the task being undertaken.

The process usually begins with scanning and plotting out the surface to be projected on to. Then, with specialised software, we skew and distort the 2-dimensional, flat content from the projector to appear correctly on the 3-dimensional surface.

The animated content is then created, taking this distortion into consideration. Colour brightness and saturation, 3D movement and illusions, plus other effects are tested throughout the development process to ensure a seamless outcome.

With the aim of enhancing your product, increasing engagement and interactivity with your product, entertaining your consumers or guests, or simply creating that incredible wow-factor which events call for – Projection Mapping promises to leave a lasting impression.

Prendi has all the skills and expertise to create an amazing Projection Mapping experience for your next tradeshow, product launch or event. No matter how big or small.

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