Prendi Lights Up Fashion Launch with Projection Mapping

Prendi premiered a showcase of custom Projection Mapping content for Indooroopilly Shopping Centre’s Spring Summer Fashion Launch.

Using a combination of live action footage, 3D and 2D animation, lighting and effects, the spectacle added an extra dimension to the runway show.


Working closely with Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, we first recorded the models in a studio in front of a green screen. Then, using photos and videos of native Australian trees and plants, we created the animated backgrounds and foliage that seamlessly integrated them onto the walls, pillars and the pipes of the great organ in the City Hall. We also tapped into the powerful illusions that projection mapping can produce – by recreating the internal architecture of City Hall in 3D software, we could animate particular elements. Once projected onto the physical walls, the lighting and shadows make it look as if it is moving like a mechanical facade.


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