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A template is a pre-created layout which allows you to insert images, videos or text quickly and easily.

Prendi offer a number of Template Design services, from creating templates for your Content Management System, to creating animation templates to quickly update engaging animations which use the same layout.


Prendi can recommend how Template Design can work best for you. You can choose from a selection of simple, pre-made designs, and add your branding, or we can create custom designs to suit your needs.

There are many software and hardware solutions for displaying and editing your template, and we can connect templates to virtually any source (i.e. RSS, web feeds, CMS’, custom databases, etc.) to display content in real-time.

For a simple updateable menu board, for instance, we can provide access to a web back-end where you can drag and drop your content, and type in text. More complex solutions allow you to edit interactive presentations, and add dynamic elements like RSS feeds, which deliver information live.

Templates provide your business with a cost effective means of updating and managing your content. Once a template has been built you can reuse it multiple times.

Contact Prendi today to enquire about creating your own updateable template designs,

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