The Importance of Good Digital Signage Content

Too often we see digital signage that look like this:

Content which is incorrectly formatted for the display, wrong aspect ratio, stretched or shrunk, wrong resolution making it pixelated or, simply just boring, ugly content.

If you have invested heavily into the technology to drive your solution, it constantly baffles me why content is left to the last minute, or not thought about at all.

The first aspect of your digital solution to consider should be content. The content will drive the rest of the solution.

Plus, on the consumer’s side – they don’t care about the hardware you have installed, or what media player is driving it. Consumers only care about what they see and how it relates to them.

Good content substantially increases your chances of being noticed by engaging, inspiring, educating or entertaining your audience.

Good content means getting your audience’s attention, and keeping it. It means utilizing motion graphics with images, film and animation, connecting with your audience and keeping consistency with your brand and décor, all in a seamless presentation.

The great thing about digital signage is that you can constantly change your content, based on the time of the day, day of the week, or other seasonal factors such as holidays. This gives you unlimited control to display relevant and engaging messages to your customers. But it has to look great, or it will actually detriment your brand.

How great your content looks will depend on your budget, and how much you value your brand image. If you’re unsure where to start, the video below will give you an idea into the different levels of content you could implement.


Good content on your digital signage is vital to your brand image, so let’s make it effective.

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