Building a Foundation in Technology: Ambience

Continual advancements of digital technology have opened a world of opportunity for brands across the world. Now with endless possibilities for interactivity, digital solutions allow consumers to learn, play, discover and be amazed by the results.

Retailers in particular are taking digital solutions onboard to impress their consumers, by making the in-store consumer journey simplified, seamless and personalised. For instance, with Touchscreen Configurators.

But, what if your target market doesn’t quite appeal to interactive, sometimes in-your-face, types of digital solutions?

With the growing presence of technology in today’s daily life, there is an increasing digital divide between generations. Within the older age group, majority have not yet embraced usage of smartphones, tablets, wearables, let alone in-store interactive digital solutions.

Despite this, it is still of vital importance to build a foundation in technology today. Brands simply need to tailor their digital solutions to suit their consumers, no matter their age. This allows your business to grow with the digital evolution, instead of being left behind by your competitors. Once your technology is in place, the solution can then be continually updated to align with consumer expectations. Your consumers may shy away from interactivity today, but tomorrow they may demand it.

After all, in Australia, 2020 will see more 65+ year old than 1 year olds. There will be as many people aged 60-70 as there will be aged 10-20. It is these consumers that many brands can’t forget about.

So for now, perhaps it would suit your brand to utilise digital solutions in a way that creates ambience in-store.

Muse by Pillow Talk have done just this. In their new store at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Brisbane, they have aimed at replicating a home, filled with inspiration.

Muse Pillow Talk - TV Ambience


General Manager and Co-Creator at Muse by Pillow Talk, Kate Spencer, explains her vision, “We have fully decorated each zone (bedrooms, lounge rooms, the veranda, bathroom and hallway) and invite customers to sit down and relax, enjoy the visuals on the giant screens and shop on iPads. There’s even a child friendly screen to keep the little ones busy and free wifi.”

The visuals on the giant screens aren’t in-your-face, they are purposely built to add ambience in-store. Spencer has thought through how to integrate digital solutions seamlessly. The digital displays replicate common items around the house, for instance a large TV in the lounge room, plus another large video wall in the bedroom replicates a window. Moving content on the displays adds to the ambience, mood and inspiration of the products and rooms.

This is just one example of how digital displays can be implemented seamlessly to create ambience.

Prendi can help you integrate digital solutions to suit your brand too – contact us today.

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