Why Digital Wayfinding Kiosks Should Be The Norm By Now

Brisbane City Council has recently taken a step towards executing Digital Brisbane’s strategy of positioning Brisbane as a digital leader; a highly connected and accessible city.

In June 2015, working with Entwined Solutions, Brisbane City Council deployed three 47″ touchscreen kiosks to provide interactive wayfinding, and six 55″ upright kiosks to provide non-interactive wayfinding on a rotation. These wayfinding solutions are now live in the South Bank Convention Centre, the South Bank Information Centre and Brisbane City Hall.


Although wayfinding kiosks aren’t anything new, it is still great to see Australian local councils, shopping centres and theme parks (finally) taking the initiative to connect with consumers and their growing expectations. Consumers expect information at their fingertips, whether that be via their mobile device, your digital solutions or both speaking with one another. They expect this information to be available quickly, seamlessly and an abundance of it. Plus, they expect to be able to have fun with it, interact with it and be inspired by your product/service.

If that’s what consumers are expecting today, imagine their expectations tomorrow with the ever-growing advancements in technology.

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