A Classroom of the Future: The Wonder Room.

“We’re seeing a glimpse of the future here. It’s whimsical, it’s purposeful.. and I think, in future, education is going to have to do more of both.”

Jason Wainwright, Director of Learning Culture (Pre Prep – Year 12).

All Saints Anglican School approached Prendi with a vision for creating a next-generation classroom. Driven by digital innovation and creative thinking, Prendi helped evolve their vision to deliver the state-of-the-art experience called, The Wonder Room.

Prendi worked with the team at All Saints from initial concept through to procurement, installation, content creation plus ongoing support and development. We are proud to be their digital solutions partner as they lead the way in innovative thinking within the education industry.

Multitaction Screens: Creating a dynamic learning experience.

The Wonder Room brings together multiple technologies, but the centerpiece is the seamless 1×5 Multitaction video wall. Multitaction Screens are the next evolution in touchscreens. They have built-in infrared cameras and allow for unlimited points of touch, recognition of QR code markers directly through the screen, and seamless touch capability across any number of screens.

This means any number of students and teachers can be using the Multitaction video wall at one time, creating a truly engaging and inclusive classroom environment.

Custom Content: Enhancing engagement in the classroom.

The screens required custom-made content to bring them to life. Created by Prendi, the content features multiple animated background themes: Under the Sea, Out in Space and In the Jungle. The goal was to encourage students to search and find information for themselves, without direct guidance or labels. The content features 9 categories and hundreds of learning items, hidden within numerous layers of interactivity.

Admin markers allows content to be sectioned off based on the age ranges of the children. The Multitaction video wall can send items to the side touchscreens to save for later, or the side touchscreens can simply be used to show extra notes on the topic at hand.

Additional Touchscreens: Displaying extra class material.

Alongside the Multitaction video wall is one portrait display either side. These simply allow teachers and students to showcase additional information, notes and images, allowing them to refer back to it whenever necessary.

For example, the teacher may feature a list of questions on each touchscreen which they would like the students to respond to. The teacher is then able to leave the questions visible to the students while delving further into the topic via the Multitaction videowall.

Ambient Projection: Adding to a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

As students enter via the slide (yes, a slide) they land in one of the ‘chill out zones’, surrounded by beanbags and endless learning tools and equipment. To enhance this area, a large wall is filled with projection of relative topics chosen by All Saints Anglican School.

This entrance area can be used as an adidtional classroom, or simply used to relax and study, while the projection adds to a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

There’s Even More: Including a slide entry.

Yes, we did mention a slide! A sliding entry from the upstairs library engages students from before they have even entered the Wonder Room. There’s also 4 x interactive white boards and chill-out zones, all designed to stimulate students minds in different and more engaging ways.

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