Prendi Awarded ICX Deployment of the Year

“Media doesn’t just take people to the store; the media is the store, and the store has to become the media – an experiential playground for customers” according to Doug Stephens, who delivered the opening keynote at this year’s Interactive Customer Experience Summit in Dallas, Texas. This message is at the forefront of what we do at Prendi, as we work with our clients to deliver innovative solutions with their consumer’s expectations and needs at the heart of every concept.

Over the past two years, we have been working with All Saints Anglican School to create, deliver and continue development on a world-first concept; The Wonder Room.

The Wonder Room was shortlisted in the ICX Summit Awards – but then, better yet, we took away the Best ICX Deployment, Government/Education/Non-Profit Agency as well as the overall highest score, meaning we won the ICX Deployment of the Year.

The Wonder Room is a glimpse into the future of education; an immersive experience for students, teachers and parents alike. Working with All Saints Anglican School has been an opportunity for us to bring amazing content and cutting-edge technologies into one place. These awards are recognition of All Saints Anglican School’s understanding of good education; they have evolved the standard classroom, pushing the boundaries of the traditional in-class experience. And better yet, this isn’t the end. Our team at Prendi will continue working with All Saints Anglican School to support and develop The Wonder Room, especially as students needs evolve and change over time. We really hope this solution is able to inspire other businesses / brands / educational facilities to think of the long-term strategy when creating immersive experiences.

Judges’ comments:

“WOW — The Wonder Room by Prendi is an outstanding and innovative ‘next step’ in education.”

“This solution offers the potential for many types of experiences going forward — not only within classrooms but also at conferences and leadership development training situations.”

“A great learning tool for kids as well as it educates in a very entertaining way.”

“My wife wants to send our kids to this school! Innovative use of the technology in an academic setting.”

“This technology is cool, but what’s even more impressive is Prendi’s understanding of good education — empowering students to explore. It would have been easy to create something that makes the teacher look like the hero, but the simultaneous multi-user aspect of the multi-action video wall combined with the rest of the room’s features make this not just technology, but a truly powerful experience. Very, very well done.”

Thank you to the team at ICX for recognising The Wonder Room in these awards. We are truly honored.



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