Pitching to Steve Wozniak: Talent Unleashed Awards

All regional winners were asked to pitch live at the Talent Unleashed Awards Global Finals on Thursday 18th August, to an esteemed panel of international judges including Steve Wozniak. The pitch included a 2 minute speech with an optional 1 minute video.

The criteria included:

What makes your business different?

What does the future hold for your business?

Prendi’s Pitch:

We opened with a 1-minute video:


Which lead on to a 2-minute speech:

“I started Prendi because nothing like it exists.For too long companies have been focused on communicating at their audience, not engaging with their audience.

This is what we do differently.

Everything we do is based on the mantra of “the right solution for our clients”. We don’t just sell one product or use one platform. We don’t sell based on the most expensive hardware, or from the manufacturer who likes us the most.

We are not afraid to turn down opportunities if forced to deliver the wrong solution.

We actually care about what we’re making. We understand what our clients are trying to achieve and present concepts that open their minds to the endless possibilities.

Through PrendiLabs, our version of R&D, we constantly adapt to new technologies in order to expand these possibilities. Where products don’t exist, we build a custom solution.

We can simply do what others can’t.

One example is All Saints Anglican School, which you briefly saw on the video. They wanted students to think openly, with a sense of awe and questioning. Engaging with them, not lecturing at them. Every supplier they approached, told them their vision couldn’t be achieved; limited byproducts, knowledge or imagination. And then they met us. The Wonder Room is now an award-winning, world-first educational experience.

But I couldn’t have built Prendi without such an amazing team of highly adaptive, creative employees. I actually had to look for the resumes that indicated they may be a little bit crazy! I make sure that everyone has a say in what we do and where we are going.

The future isn’t about one-way dialogue, such as the 20ft billboard, or the 15 second tv commercial, as these stifle connection and limit innovation.

We envisage a fully connected world with seamlessly integrated technology capable of enhancing and enriching the lives of everyone.

We will continue to revolutionise experiences and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our solutions will be influential in not only the retail and education industries, but anywhere that imagination, curiosity, creativity, sharing, joy and appreciation are important.”

About the Awards

Now in its fifth year, Talent Unleashed is a prestigious awards program that recognises outstanding start-ups and inspiring entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming business and the wider community through technological innovation. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak chaired the global judging panel for the awards and was joined by Igniting Change Founder Jane Tewson, plus many more.

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