Vera Wang

Integrating Digital.

Global fashion icon and luxury retail brand, Vera Wang, has partnered with Prendi to create a digitally engaging and personalised in-store experience for brides-to-be.


From initial concept through to deployment, our team developed an innovative way of enhancing the brand in-store customer service.

The solution: A touchscreen application used to curate products in-store, personalised towards the user.


Fashion Curation.

The touchscreen application curates products to suit shoppers preferences.


The touchscreen application prompts customers to fill in a questionnaire to identify her preferences from four distinct profiles – modern, traditional, romantic or individualist. After they complete this they are presented with a curated list of products

from Vera Wang’s latest collection, Elements of Style. This personalised offering includes flatware, dinnerware, giftware, stemware plus accessories. The bride-to-be can easily browse this offering, compare and even email their selection to themselves or others as part of their gift registry.


Ongoing Partnership.

Updating the touchscreen application will ensure it stays relevant.


As time is of the essence, particularly when it comes to in-store engagement, diversifying the customer service will not only increase the potential for sales conversion but also encourage brand advocacy and ongoing loyalty. Empowering the customer with digital solutions in-store can be the difference between retention and defection.

Prendi is continuing to work with the New York based team to ensure the touchscreen applications are in line with their latest campaigns and provide a meaningful platform for shoppers. To learn how Prendi can help enhance your brand experience, get in touch today at

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