Subway Digital Menu Boards.

Subway is the leading choice for quick, nutritious sandwiches to feed the whole family. And with more locations than any other restaurant in the world, staying at the forefront of innovation is a must.


Subway approached our partner Entwined to produce digital menu boards to replace their static signage. Entwined brought our team on board for all content design and dynamic development.

We started by working with Subway on their existing printed menus and customer satisfaction research. With our digital solutions partner, Entwined, and the Subway team, we would completely rethink their traditional menu layout to account for the new benefits of digital.


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Animated Content.

The most important aspect of any digital menu.


Content is the most important part of any digital signage deployment. With beautifully designed content, Subway now entertains, informs and educates customers while they wait; reducing perceived wait times and increasing upselling.

We started by working with Subway to evaluate their current print menus and determine the hierarchy of content that needed to appear on their screens. We needed to rethink everything, as digital menu boards have endless possibilities when compared with static printed menus. For example, we no longer needed the breakfast menu on outside of breakfast hours as we have full control of content changes throughout the day.

We used Subway’s existing image and video assets to create custom animated promotions and assets, to be used across the newly designed menus.

We created different layouts of content based on time of day, so breakfast, lunch and snacks can each be highlighted when relevant. We also created different versions of content for stores that had items like coffee, juice and fountain drinks.

Most importantly, we’re continually working with Subway to update the content on their menu boards with new promotions, designs and products. This promises their content will always be fresh and eye-catching, enhancing engagement for return customers.

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Dynamic Pricing.

Unique pricing across franchisees meant we needed a dynamic solution.


The problem: The Subway stores needed dynamic pricing so the franchisees could retain the power to set their own prices and products according to local needs and preferences.

The solution: We created dynamic pricing for all items, along with a back-end portal for franchisees to access. Being able to change prices in the back-end and have it update on the screens in real-time creates a seamless user-experience for the store owner.

This also meant pricing was now visible on all video and animated content in-store, creating a greater sense of cohesion with the wider subway marketing campaigns.

The dynamic animated panels were a success. As prices are usually numbered stickers on the printed menus, this finally allowed Subway Head Office to track the prices being used across Australia and New Zealand to determine RRP functionality.

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Ongoing Rollout.

Across stores in Australia and New Zealand.


Subway is continuing the roll-out of their dynamic digital menu boards across Australia and New Zealand.

With regular research and measurable results, we will continue to develop the solution with fresh content and new ideas to stay at the forefront of in-store innovation.

We love our clients at Prendi.

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