Mon Repos Interactive Turtle Centre

Mon Repos Turtle Centre has undergone a complete redevelopment, with over $16 million being contributed by The Queensland Government, located near the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific. The building was designed and built by Murchie Constructions; a unique and modern structure, in which an industry-leading interactive exhibit showcases the life and journey of turtles.

The exhibit was designed, built and installed by our amazing partner Focus Productions, and our team at Prendi handled all Content Design and Interactive Development, including:

– A fully Immersive Theatre Experience
– Floor Projection
– Augmented Reality Experiences
– Touchscreen Experiences
– Animated Content
– Fusion Signage Templates

Client: Mon Repos Turtle Centre
Services: Bespoke Exhibits, Content Design, Interactive Development, Floor Projection, Augmented Reality

A Fully Immersive Theatre Experience

Mon Repos wanted to create an experience that encouraged the viewers to feel like they were there on the journey with the turtles. Across 4 x large format LED walls and 2 x floor projectors all synchronised together, we created:

  • A powerful animated journey showing the dangers faced through a turtle’s life, seen from the perspective of a new hatchling.
  • An ambient beach scene with realistic animated demonstrations of nesting and hatching.
  • Infographic-style animated content about research and protection, turtle seasons, lifecycle and guidelines for observing turtles as part of a tour.
  • Traditional owners’ welcome to country and ambient artwork.

Hallway Floor Projections

Projectors mounted above the exhibit entry hall show adult and hatchling turtles swimming and crawling up and down the beach.

Augmented Reality Experiences

To continue the theme of immersion, we built a range of Augmented Reality experiences, including:

  • A virtual window opens on the wall through which you can witness each stage of the turtle lifecycle in 3D animation.
  • An app that lets visitors take a selfie inside an animated marine scene, and email it to themselves as a memento of their visit.

Touchscreen Experiences

A combination of Intuiface, BrightSign and custom web applications by our team at Prendi, were built:

  • Mon Repos activities and history – Learn about the area: the centre is located near the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific
  • Survivor Species – Learn about local fauna: Green turtles, Greater Sand Plovers, Dugongs and Humpback whales
  • Travels and Triumphs – View detailed maps of captured data and browse photo libraries showing the challenges and success stories
  • Three species, thousands of stories – Spin a wheel to be assigned your own turtle to learn about
  • Traditional Owners artwork – add your own colour combinations to artist Joe Butler’s beautiful illustrations
  • Turtle Trivia
  • Turtle Anatomy
  • X-Ray – Help diagnose injured turtles

Animated Content & Fusion Signage Templates

A multitude of animated content was created by us to feature across various solutions throughout the exhibit. These include:

  • Cartoons introducing Mon Repos and marine turtles to kids entering the discovery area, as well as briefing them as ‘rangers’ and ‘researchers’ on the activities they’ll be doing
  • Window to the ocean floor showing wildlife native to Mon Repos
  • Infographics and general information about Mon Repos, marine turtle lifecycle, research and tour guidelines
  • Animated maps showing the journeys of different turtles around the globe
  • Fusion Signage templates for Ticket sales, What’s on, Now showing in the theatre, Events, General Messaging, Product and Sales Events, and Learning about Mon Repos.
  • Custom Overlays by Fusion Signage, allowing tour group assembly announcements to be made immediately throughout the centre and played over the top of their scheduled content

The exhibit was designed, built and installed by our amazing partner: Focus Productions

Credit and cheers to Murchie Constructions for the photos!

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