Unique Retail Displays.

With transparent LCD and customised content, retail merchandising is brought to life.


Retail merchandising is about to get a face-lift as forward-thinking companies start to implement custom enclosures for their products.

Prendi enclosures allow you to showcase digital content with your real product in the background; completely customised to your brand, products and needs.

All-in-One Solution.

The plug-n-play capabilities will have you impressing your customers in next to no time.


Play customised video content by simply plugging in a USB or media player. The digital content is then presented in full HD; crisp, high-quality video to bring your products to life. 

These transparent displays bring to life any glass surface, from windows to product boxes to refrigerators. The possiblities are endless.

Custom Content.

Don’t worry, we have this covered too, because custom content is vital to bring your solution to life.


You have the ability to highlight different areas of the product featured, or to display real-time product information.

Plus, there are interactive options which means users can touch the display for more information. Perfect for engaging, unique displays aiming to draw customers in-store.

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