Introducing the innovative, sophisticated Magic Mirror display.

An innovative and unique take on traditional digital signage.


Samsung’s mirror displays bring a sense of magic to traditional mirrors, by embedding LCD screen layers right in the mirror glass – so what seems like a normal mirror also functions as a product showcase and handy tool.

Perfect for in-store, at your next event or even in your classroom, Magic Mirror displays are an innovative tool for today’s modern marketer.

Unbelievably Seamless.

A new technology that will seamlessly fit in with your existing decor and brand image.


High reflectance and image transmittance deliver an impressive mirror effect and vibrant content.

Plus, Magic Mirror displays are designed with seamless front glass design and metallic side frames for a sophisticated finish.

Custom Content.

Prendi content brings the Magic Mirror to life.


With the right content, Magic Mirror displays promise to wow any audience. We can create customised content to suit your needs; from basic animations and transitions through to product specific pop-ups and character overlays.

If you’re looking for something more, we can create interactive content with the integration of situational technology such as Microsoft Kinects. This kind of content can react to the users body movements, replicating them, following them or even talking with them.


We love our clients at Prendi.

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