Store of the Future

Create An ‘Only Here Experience’ With Your Store Of The Future

As consumers become increasingly more connected and use multiple shopping channels, smart retailers are starting to develop their version of ‘Store of the Future’ and taking an ‘omni channel’ approach. This will vary from business to business and will not look the same for everyone but it will involve digital technology, integration and delivering personal, relevant experiences to your customers.

The Store of the Future starts with an understanding of your customers and their needs and how you can integrate to provide higher levels of customers service, more sales opportunities and improved logistics management to deliver a highly engaging in store experience. This can include the use of digital screens, touch screens, NFC, mobile apps, POS & pyment integration, ecommerce, social networks, digital catalogues, connectivity and more.

Consumers have more choice than ever before and have an abundance of information at their fingertips. You as a business now have the resources to take advantage of this to stop delivering a fragmented ‘anywhere experience’ and to create an ‘only-here experience’ for your customers.

Prendi can bring your Store of the Future vision to life

  • We can offer recommendations to integrate your traditional store with digital technology
  • We partner with you to provide relevant solutions for your target demographic and sales channels
  • We understand the technology allowing us to deliver solutions based on how your customers interact and engage with it
  • We provide a Phased Strategy from trial to roll out across national stores
  • We have a team of experts to bring your Store of the Future vision to life
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