iBeacon Technology

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Connect With Your Customers Like Never Before.

The iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect to iPhones and other iOS devices. Through the use of a custom app, iBeacon allows for a far more versatile and accurate way to provide location-based information and services.

Prendi works with clients to develop solutions that best suit their needs. From developing the app, to deploying the technology on premises, we have you covered.


How it works

A custom app installed on your device locates the signal transmitted by the iBeacon, and responds accordingly when it comes into range.


When placed around your store, you can collect locational information about users – which table to bring their meal to, which clothing displays they stood in front of the longest, etc.


Customers can receive notifications each time they visit your business. Specials and discounts can be offered through the app or displayed on digital signage.


The small size of the device allows for discrete placement anywhere within your venue.


The iBeacons greatest advantage is that it is passive, not active. This means that users devices are always ready to connect, regardless if they have the app open or not.



Start the conversation with Prendi about how you can use iBeacon technology in your business in a way that is relevant and affordable.

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