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Commercial Screens

Rugged, purpose built displays used for digital solutions in commercial environments.


Commercial screens are different to your standard televisions in a number of ways. They come in a variety of sizes, include features that make them suitable for long-term use in a commercial environment, and come with a 3 year commercial warranty. The sizes available range from 10″ through to 100″ +, can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation, can be high brightness, and can come with thin bezels.



Commercial screens which allow physical interaction via the simple point of touch.


Boasting the same benefits and available in the same sizes as Commercial Screens, Touchscreens are more robust than consumer market products. Touchscreens add another element to your display by allowing the user to physically interact with the screen.

View a reel of Interactive Design here.


Multitaction Screens

Cutting edge interactive displays which offer advanced features over the standard touchscreens.


The next evolution in Touchscreens, Multitaction Screens have built0in infrared cameras and allow for unlimited points of touch, recognition of QR code markers directly through the screen, and seamless touch capability across any number of screens.

You can view a video of a Multitaction Screen application Prendi built for All Saints Anglican School here.


LED Panels

A flat panel display that uses light emitting diodes to show content.


LED Panels allow you to create large scale displays which are suitable for longer viewing distances. LED Panels are modular and more rugged, suitable for high brightness environments and are available for both internal and external use.

Flexible LED Panels are also available, with the ability to be bent or rolled while still operating. Flexible LED Panels will soon be available as thin as 1mm.



Hardware used to project rays of light to create a surface to display content.


Projectors are capable of creating larger display surfaces than screens in situations where ambient light can be controlled. Multiple Projectors can be synchronised together to create a large seamless canvas on a wall, window or even a building.

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