Augmented Reality

Superimposing digitally rendered images or motion graphics onto real-world surroundings.


Augmented Reality (AR) is typically used for activations where entertainment is a high priority. There are many different types of AR, which can utilise interactivity or mobile devices to achieve different outcomes. See examples of each of the below at

Overlay AR

The most widely used form of AR, we can turn any digital screen into an AR activation using only a camera. We can overlay 3D models, green screened people, or any other content to create a unique and sometimes shocking experience.

Interactive AR

Adding a Kinect to an AR activation allows a viewer to interact with characters and influence the content. A character can look directly at a viewer, or follow them around a scene, adding to the realism.



Layar is a free app available on both iOS and Android which allows a viewer to bring virtually any printed surface to life. Using the software you can turn a poster into an animated video, or a business card into a video greeting.

AR App

We can build a custom AR application that will turn a static print into an interactive game on a users phone, or provide more information via a 3D menu.

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