Prendi Content

Content that satisfies.

Because your customers don’t care about your hardware. They care about content.


Content is King. Everyone knows it, but few follow it. Your customers, visitors, clients, or employees will rarely, if ever, care about the hardware. They simply don’t look at the make and model of the screens, media players, and mounts. They only care about what they are seeing on those screens at that specific moment and how it relates to them.

The key to the success of any solution is to make sure the content it is relevant, engaging, impressive and constantly updated. This is where we can help.

We’ve been creating dynamic, engaging and effective digital signage content for over five years.

What is Content?

Content is anything presented on your hardware display, whether animated, interactive or dynamic.
The type of content you implement can be almost anything depending on your needs, including any of the below.

  • Animated Content
  • Animated Logos
  • Video Wall Content
  • Corporate Videos
  • Multi-Screen Synchronised Content
  • Social Media/YouTube/Website Videos

  • Abstract and Experiential Content
  • Template Design
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Touchscreen Applications
  • Projection Mapping Experiences
  • Augmented Reality Applications

  • Levels of Content.

    Entry-level animated content examples and pricing.

    Bronze Level

    15 Second Bronze-Level example

    15 Second Bronze-Level example

    Silver Level

    15 Second Silver-Level example

    15 Second Silver-Level example

    Gold Level

    15 Second Gold-Level example

    15 Second Gold-Level example

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